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My mosaic mirrors are bright and cheerful, and come in an unlimited range of shapes, sizes, colours and designs.

Each mosaic mirror is individually created by hand, imbuing each piece with a uniqueness and character all of its own. The result is a unique and contemporary decorative piece that will enhance any setting.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any help or advice.

Standard Designs or Individual Commissions

Every mosaic mirror is made to order especially for you.

You can either pick an existing design from my online Gallery, or use these designs as inspiration and decide on your own specifications.

Often, customers tell me exactly what size and colours they require. Or they tell me the circumstances and I offer help and advice.

Together, we can design a beautiful and unique mosaic mirror to take pride of place in your room setting.

Shapes and Sizes

Round, square or rectangular, it's entirely up to you!

You don't have to stick to 'conventional' proportions, either. How about a set of 3 identical tall, thin mosaic mirrors hanging next to each other, rather than one large mosaic mirror? Or a rectangular mosaic frame inset with two mirrored areas instead of the usual single mirror? Or a large round mosaic with a relatively small mirror in the middle.

You'll find several examples for inspiration in my online Gallery section.

Quality and Materials

The materials I use to make my mosaic mirrors are of very high quality.

It's so important to use only the best tiles (originally known as tesserae). The tiles I use are expensive, and are made of glass.

Most of the glass tiles are opaque with a smooth, textured surface that invariably shows attractive natural imperfections. Some tiles are translucent to varying degrees, and some special tiles are fairly transparent, with a metal foil beneath to create a vibrant metallic glow.

With a carefully chosen palette of colours and textures I can create mosaic mirrors that practically take on a life of their own, subtly changing their appearance depending on your position or the changing quality of the ambient lighting.

The grout I use is usually a neutral gray colour that emphasises and showcases the vibrant colours and textures of the tiles. Like the tiles, it has a smooth finish, pleasant to the touch.

Mounting or Hanging your Mosaic Mirror

Each mosaic mirror is mounted on a sturdy MDF board, with edges colour-matched to complement the tile design.

You can mount or hang your mosaic mirror in a variety of ways to suit your requirements:

  • Hang it like a picture, using picture cord or wire
  • Fix it flush to the wall using mirror plates
  • Fix it flush to the wall using concealed fixings

As standard, my mosaic mirrors are supplied with a cord so you can hang it like a picture.

Whatever your circumstances, it should be possible to fix your mosaic mirror firmly in place quite easily.


Delivery charges start at £12. The exact charge depends on the destination, size, weight, amount of packing required, and the shipping contractor used. We'll normally quote the delivery charge before you place your order.

Unique handcrafted mosaic mirrors of all sizes and colours and shapes and designs for beautiful interiors including hallways and bathrooms and bedrooms and cloakrooms and living rooms and dining rooms and kitchens or as beautiful thoughtful individual presents for your lucky friends and family!

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